Justin Bieber Announces 'Never Say Never' Premiere Contest

'We will be choosing 5 to fly to the premiere to join me,' he tweeted.

Justin Bieber is pretty excited about the release of his 3-D movie, "Never Say Never," and took to his Twitter to remind his loyal following that "we are 9 weeks away!!" But the singer had another message for fans who are picking up the special screening package for the film, which is set to open in February.

"A lot of u are asking me so ... it's true ... out of the people that get the special screening package, we will be choosing 5 to fly to the premiere to join me," he wrote.

In addition to the chance to win a trip to the film's premiere, for $30 fans also get a ticket to the VIP 3-D Sneak Preview Movie Event screening, a souvenir VIP event laminate and lanyard, purple 3-D glasses (like the ones Bieber sported in a trailer for the flick), and an Official JB: Never Say Never movie glo-stick and bracelet.

When MTV News caught up with Bieber at the American Music Awards last month, he revealed what fans can expect from the movie. "They'll be surprised just to see I'm a regular person," he said. "I'm a regular teenage boy. I like girls and I like to hang out with my friends. It's gonna be taking them into my world, but also it's their world 'cause it's just normal."

"I want to let people know there's a lot of people that are discouraging in life and that will tell you you can't do something, but you just got to remember that the sky's the limit," Bieber told us when he released his book, "First Step 2 Forever," in early November. "You're able to do whatever you set your mind to as long as you remember to keep God first and stay grounded. So I think the movie really explains that, and it's really inspiring."