Justin Bieber Tells Barbara Walters He'll 'Probably' Cut His Hair Soon

Teen phenom also opens up about kissing girls and getting in trouble in '10 Most Fascinating People of 2010' special.

If there's anyone who can get the scoop from [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist], it's Barbara Walters, and the veteran news anchor flexed her impressive ability to sniff out a scoop by getting the teen phenom to make a shocking confession: He's chopping off his hair.

During her "10 Most Fascinating People of 2010" sit-down with the Canadian sensation Thursday night, Walters asked Bieber the question that likely keeps girls around the world up at night: Will Justin ever lop off those luscious locks?

"I'm gonna cut it probably soon," Bieber casually admitted, briefly fussing with those famous bangs.

In addition to getting Bieber to reveal that he plans to clip his tresses, Walters gave viewers an inside look at the Pop&B star back in the day. Footage of Bieber as a musically inclined baby shows that the YouTube sensation always had a gift for hamming it up for the camera. Bieber as a tot pounds away on a chair, belts in the bathroom, strums on a guitar and mans the keyboard in old-school footage.

Despite his outsize success, Bieber revealed that he still gets punished by his "strict" mom, who will take away the singer's computer and phones when he messes up.

In addition to getting into the occasional scrape, like many teen boys, Bieber is also dating, but insisted he does not have a girlfriend — despite getting caught sucking face with Jasmine Villegas in a the backseat of a car in September.

As far as the future of Bieber fever, the teen said he wants to be a "mix between Prince and Michael Jackson."

When asked what he would name a ditty about his rise from an impoverished kid to a global megastar, Bieber offered a fairly appropriate title: "This Crazy Life."

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