Nicki Minaj, Drake Set To Shoot 'Moment 4 Life' Video

Young Money president Mack Maine tells MTV News clique aims to film clip for Pink Friday track in December.

Nicki Minaj recently experienced something few new artists can claim: seeing your debut earn the #2 spot on the Billboard albums chart. The Queens native's Pink Friday LP sold a little more than 375,000 copies in its first week of release, falling just behind Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now the MC is prepping the video for Friday's "Moment 4 Life," which features Young Money labelmate Drake.

"She's shooting hopefully on December 20," Young Money president Mack Maine told MTV News. "We're still trying to work out the date for the next video with [Nicki] and Drake for the 'Moment 4 Life' video. That's the next project."

We also spoke to the Young Money head about Nicki's success and what it has meant to the Miami-by-way-of-New Orleans clan.

"It was [a special moment], especially with her being a female in this day and time too," Maine said. "Also, people don't know that I was a big factor in making sure that Nicki got signed with us and also just sticking with her through ups and downs.

"Just to see her go from a seed being planted to a ... forest, just a beautiful flawless forest ... the world recognizes. Big ups to Nicki, she worked hard," he continued. "She represents the female gender, and she basically delivered. There were a lot of odds against her and she defeated all of that and, for her to deliver like that, I gotta say congratulations."

True to form, when news of her sales reached the animated MC, she was overcome, Maine recalled.

"She was excited. We talked about it and her emotion was crazy," Maine said. "She basically shed tears, tears of joy. I have to congratulate her and say thank you to all of the fans that supported — without them we wouldn't be anything. ... She wouldn't be anything."

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