Ryan Gosling Calls 'Blue Valentine' A 'Companion Piece' To 'The Notebook'

Actor says his new film is about 'the nitty gritty of trying to stay in love.'

Ryan Gosling is set to appear on the big screen this month in a new film about love. Of course, while he might forever be remembered as the lovelorn Noah in "The Notebook," he's certainly weaving a different story about relationships in the darker "Blue Valentine."

So, does Gosling think fans of the sweeping Nicholas Sparks love story will find anything to relate to in this gritty, sexy new flick?

"I think that 'Blue Valentine' is a nice companion piece to 'The Notebook,' because I feel like both are true," he told MTV News. "That they're both possible, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. But I feel like 'Blue Valentine' kind of picks up where 'The Notebook'

leaves off."

While "The Notebook" deals with the courtship of two people who are head-over-heels for each other, "Blue Valentine" looks deeper at what happens after two people think they've gotten their happy ending.

"There's a huge period of time which isn't in ['The Notebook']: The practical, day-to-day living with one another isn't dealt with in that film," he explained. "I would meet people when I did 'The Notebook'

who would come up to me on the street and say, 'That happened to me; that's my parents story,' because these people are saying that's not realistic love, doesn't really happen for people like that.

"That's not true, because I've met so many people that told me that that's their story or their parents' story," he continued. "But I've also talked to a lot of people now that feel like this film is more about what it's like the day to day, the nitty gritty of trying to stay in love."

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