Christian Bale To Eminem On Extreme Weight Loss: 'Don't Do It!'

Em took cues from Bale's 'Machinist' transformation for his own '3 A.M.' video.

Christian Bale has done it again. The dude has gone ahead and lost a ton of weight for a role, this time to play real-life boxing champ-turned-crackhead-turned-boxing trainer Dickie Eklund in "The Fighter." It's a startling transformation, and the performance has rightly made Bale the front-runner to win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

But not everyone is focused on his "Fighter" weight loss. Bale dropped more than 60 pounds for 2004's "The Machinist," and it's that physical makeover that attracted the attention of Eminem. Last year, the hip-hop star said in an interview that he attempted to mirror's Bale's "Machinist" look for his "3 A.M." music video.

"I was thinking they could make my spine look real crazy like in that movie," Em told Complex. "I started getting real skinny so my veins would pop out and I was trying to get that look, but it just didn't work. My body won't really let me get that low."

That's probably a good thing, because according to Bale, losing so much weight is nothing short of insane.

"Holy crap, that guy needs help in that case!" the actor laughed when we told him about Eminem's quest. " 'Don't do it, don't do it,' I'd tell him."

Joking aside, Bale went on to speak about the surprising effects of losing so much weight. "I was the calmest mentally that I've ever been in my life," he explained. "You just go beyond any bodily needs. Your energy gets to such a low point that it all just becomes mental. You felt like some sort of guru that could go sit on top of a mountain.

"Mentally, it does wonders, but I would never sacrifice the joys, the ups and the downs, the roller coaster of life for that calmness," he added. "I'd rather be getting in there, getting involved and having it a bit more raw than that."

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