Angelina Jolie Says She'd Reunite With Johnny Depp In Tim Burton's 'Family'

'Tourist' actress in talks for Burton's 'Sleeping Beauty' adaptation 'Maleficent.'

As Angelina Jolie told MTV News in July, Sleeping Beauty was her favorite character as a child, and she relished the idea of potentially taking part in a Tim Burton-directed tweaking of the fairy tale told from the perspective of the evil fairy godmother.

"I would love to," she said of possibly starring in the animated film "Maleficent." "It's all new and being discussed, but I loved her when I was a little girl. She was my favorite. Tim Burton, the chance to work with him would be extraordinary."

By that summer, she'd already wrapped production on "The Tourist" alongside Johnny Depp, who has collaborated with Burton on seven films and is gearing up for work on an eighth, "Dark Shadows."

So, would Jolie want to work with Depp again in a Burton film?

"Oh, of course," Jolie told MTV News in Paris while promoting "The Tourist." "I think every actor would be open to that. They are such a special team, and so you'd feel like you'd be entering a family that is such a wonderful, existing family."

For now, Burton is plowing ahead with preproduction on "Dark Shadows," an adaptation of the '60s-era supernatural soap opera, and is eyeing a spring 2011 start date. But as he told us recently, he's continuing to develop "Maleficent" and hopes Jolie will take part.

"I'd love to work with her," the director said last month. "We're working on a script for that. It's hard to know when that script will be ready. But I'm a huge fan. I'd love to work with her. That would be a good one."

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