'Glee'-Cap: Christmas Cheer Before Hiatus Blues

Blaine and Kurt's cuteness makes up for any Rachel/Finn sadness.

This week's "Glee" went all out to promote holiday cheer — unless, of course, your holidays don't happen to include Christmas. Well, before you run out and buy the cast's Christmas album to tide you over for the winter hiatus, take a minute to enjoy our own little carol and sing along with the lyrics below.

"Glee" has Christmas spirit

Too sweet to refuse

They can't help but feel it,

Even the Jews!

Rachel said she made a Christmas wish,

No matter that she eats gefilte fish.

I guess "Glee" didn't want any Yiddish

On their Christmas album.


Christmas is for celebrating,

Rachel and Finn separating.

Santa's real, there's no debating

In Brittany's small brain.

Artie wants glee club to scheme

So Brittany doesn't lose her dream.

She asks Santa to fix Artie.

He robot walks


Will's riding solo

Christmas Eve on his own.

Kids surprise him with cocoa

And take over his home.

Um, it seems totally illegal and super-sketchy that a teacher would be hanging out with his students in his house.

But I digress.

No shocker here that Sue is a grinch,

Destroys the tree and doesn't even flinch.

Her heart melts by the end, 'cause in a pinch

She overhears the Glee kids sing!

Blaine and Kurt are my two favorite peeps.

Their duet this week was totally for keeps.

Kurt declared his love and the cuteness came in heaps.

I just wish they weren't saving their big kiss for sweeps.

Christmas is for celebrating,

Church and state not separating.

If you don't believe in Jesus, why are you waiting?

Drop out of McKinley High.

I've got my own Christmas request:

Without "Glee" I will be depressed.

Gotta wait 'til February?? Surely you jest!

I guess this is goodbye.


And that is "Glee"!