Demi Lovato And Backup Dancer Close To A Deal, Lawyer Says

'I'm fairly confident we will be able to resolve these issues,' Alex Welch's lawyer tells E! News.

After Alex Welch spoke out about her alleged altercation with Demi Lovato — noting that she had yet to receive an apology from the actress, who is seeking treatment for personal issues — comes news that both camps are close to a settlement to keep Welch from suing the Disney star.

The dancer's lawyer, Don Karpel, told E! News, "I have engaged in discussions with Demi Lovato's attorney. I'm fairly confident we will be able to resolve these issues."

A rep for the actress confirmed the report as well, noting that "they did speak" about the matter. The rep added: "Demi's attorneys have had an initial discussion with Mr. Karpel. They are exploring the possibility of an amicable resolution of this matter. We do not plan on making further public comments during this process."

Karpel claims that Welch suffered emotional and physical repercussions after Lovato allegedly punched her as well as "lasting physical damage," which caused the dancer to consult with a plastic surgeon.

E! reports that both camps began discussions Tuesday (December 7) after Welch, who was a dancer on the singer/actress' tour with the Jonas Brothers, gave an interview implying that she would seek legal damages against the singer. Lovato's camp reached out to Karpel after he shared that he would file a motion "in the next seven to 10 days" for alleged assault and battery.

While it appears that the two are working to settle the situation, in an interview Monday, Welch explained she just wanted the "Sonny With a Chance" star to say she was sorry for the incident. "To this day, I haven't gotten an apology. I've heard nothing," Welch explained. "That's sad if you think that person is your friend."