Jack Black, Jason Segel Rock Out To 'Peace On Earth/ Little Drummer Boy'

'This old chestnut was dying to be rockified,' Black says of Bing Crosby/ David Bowie classic, now set to an animated video.

It's a match made in cartoon heaven. [movie id="413346"]"Gulliver's Travels"[/movie] co-stars Jack Black and Jason Segel have just dropped a welcome addition to the canon of holiday staples with an animated video for their covers of "Peace on Earth" and "Little Drummer Boy."

The two-pronged holiday classic is an homage to the 1977 hookup of David Bowie and Bing Crosby, and all proceeds from sales will go to benefit Blue Star Families, a nonprofit organization that aids military families. "Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy 2010" was made available exclusively on iTunes beginning Tuesday (December 7), and the 2-D animated video can be seen on CollegeHumor.com.

"This old chestnut was dying to be rockified ... enjoy," Black said in a statement about why he and Segel took on the holiday staple.

And he's not kidding. Segel, who never misses a chance to show off his musical abilities in movies such as "I Love You, Man" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," hooks up with equally riff-crazy Tenacious D founder Black for a spirited take on the songs.

In the old-school animated video, a glum-looking Segel comes over to visit Black at his house and laments that he's run out of ginger for the holiday gingerbread cookies he's baking. "Well, you've come to the right place," Black chuckles. "I've got a ginger bushel out back ... take a whole sprig!"

Segel then spots a piano made out of pine logs in the corner of the living room that Black proudly proclaims to be a 100-year-old family heirloom built by his grandpa. After Segel asks if he can play, Black warns, "Tickle away ... that piano's been sprinkled with magic winter dust by Santa Claus himself. When one plays it during this joyous season, things can get pretty freakin' awesome."

The song starts out innocently enough, with Segel gently playing the haunting melody and both men singing in harmony as the music builds to include a funky drum track and melodic countermelodies. Soon enough, though, rocking bass and guitar parts join the arrangement along with an angelic chorus, and the whole thing veers into Trans-Siberian Orchestra territory as White rips off on one of his patented metal wails.

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