Michelle Williams Proud To Show Her Daughter 'Blue Valentine' Someday

'I feel like I could stand behind it,' actress says of racy NC-17-rated film.

[movieperson id="166076"]Michelle Williams[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="244285"]Ryan Gosling[/movieperson] have an NC-17-rated, rather-depressing love affair in their new, buzzy flick "Blue Valentine." The film follows a married couple over the course of their relationship and boasts some graphic sex scenes to help weave the tale. So, is Williams nervous about her daughter, Matilda, checking out the film one day?

"I've been thinking about that recently, the last couple days," she told MTV News at a junket for the film. "I thought, 'What would her reaction to that be?'

"I feel proud of this movie, and I feel like I could stand behind it when she grows up and says, 'What were you doing for those two months in Pennsylvania?' I feel like I could say, 'This is what I made.' "

The film, which opens on New Year's Eve, may be too dark for a child to see, but much of Williams' post-"Dawson's Creek" work has been thought-provoking, something she said she'll be proud to share with her daughter someday.

"And I feel like that with most of my work now: I feel like I'm excited for the day when she's old enough to see it, because my aim is to make her proud that the time I spent away from her wasn't in vain,"

she explained.

While any mother/daughter viewings of "Blue Valentine" are yet to be determined, right now the pair is happy watching more family-friendly fare.

"She kind of lives in a Mary Poppins world," Williams said. " 'Singing in the Rain' is our current."

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