'Walking Dead' Stars Look Back At Finale, Ahead To Season Two

Laurie Holden and Norman Reedus talk about their characters' new paths.

The first season of AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead" ended with an explosive finale, leaving fans of the zombie-fueled drama wondering what's next for the ragtag group of survivors and their loved ones.

For castmembers Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), the recent loss of a sibling has put both their characters on different paths — and in very different directions. The pair recently discussed their characters' states of mind at the end of the first season and offered some thoughts about where they see their characters headed in season two of "The Walking Dead."

"I think Andrea is in a severe depression," Holden told MTV News. "I think she's very apathetic. Her reason to live has been taken from her. Amy was her heart.

"Her deciding in the season finale that she was going to live wasn't necessarily for her," she continued. "It's because she didn't want another death on her hands. Dale gave her no choice. She's looking at this man, and he's saying, 'I'm going to die if you don't get it together. I'm going to die if you don't come with me.' ... She kind of hates him for it, because she wants to check out."

In "The Walking Dead" comic book series, Andrea evolves into the group's resident sniper, discovering an aptitude for high-powered weaponry in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. Holden alluded to this element of her character's development while discussing her hopes for the second season.

"[At first], Andrea doesn't know that she has this skill set," Holden said. "I think that will organically unfold where she'll actually go to the shooting range or something will be written where she's like, 'Oh, I'm a natural!' I am so excited, because I have a little bit of a tomboy in me, but I'm very excited to start going out with the guys and start shooting zombies."

While Holden indicated that Andrea's fans will have to wait awhile for her to discover her talent with a rifle, Reedus joked that he'd be more than happy to have Daryl Dixon lend Andrea the crossbow he carried throughout the first season.

"You can borrow my crossbow," he joked.

"That's so sweet," Holden laughed.

As for his own character's development after the first season, Reedus said he sees Daryl becoming more of a leader and less of a shoot-first character in the stories to come — especially now that his violent, dominating older brother, Merle (Michael Rooker), is out of the picture.

"I think there are leader qualities in Daryl, so I think once some trust issues are more defined, he'll take on roles that are less hot-headed," the actor said.

"Maybe he'll find some love," Holden teased.

"I think once he's out of the shadow of his big brother, I think he can man up and be less of the 8-year-old and not exactly a kick-ass man, but a make-decisions man," Reedus said.

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