'Vice Guide To Everything' Host Recalls Residential Strip Club

Ryan Duffy discusses meeting Detroit man who runs a 24-hour strip club in dead parents' house on premiere episode.

A lot happens on MTV's new series "The Vice Guide to Everything."

Hosts Ryan Duffy, Thomas Morton, and Shane Smith — who also co-founded the magazine that launched the Vice brand 15 years ago — travel to places like Russia, Ghana and North Korea in search of compelling people and their stories, which they'll share with MTV viewers on Mondays at 11 p.m.

Duffy's adventures this season include getting shot (while wearing a bulletproof jacket) in Colombia and trailing a Mafia-funded pop star in Naples, Italy, but he recently told MTV News he didn't have to travel far for his most memorable meeting.

"I will always very vividly remember meeting Jay Thunderbolt," Duffy said about the Detroit man who was running a 24-hour all-nude strip club out of his dead parents' house.

Duffy was treated to complimentary shots, got to look through Thunderbolt's self-defense gear and enjoyed a lap dance from his crew of willing ladies. But the host admitted that he ran up against MTV's standards team when it came to the footage.

"You could show the girl doing the flip on my lap where she put her legs up. She started to spread them, but you couldn't show the spreading. You had to cut it right before then," Duffy explained. "Which was fine with me, by the way, because I have a mother and a grandmother," he added.

Thunderbolt clearly made an impression on the rest of the "Vice Guide" family, too, as he was invited to the show's New York premiere last week with his return flight booked for the next day.

"The thing about Jay is he probably hasn't left Detroit in 30 years. He hasn't flown in, God knows how long. When we booked him a flight his first question was, 'How many of my guns can I bring?' His second was, 'Could you get me a smoking seat?' Clearly a little bit dated in his travel plans, but the next day, Jay did not get in the cab we sent to bring him to the airport, or the next cab, or the next one, or the fifth one. And we have no idea whether he ever got on a flight and went home," Duffy lamented. "So, Jay Thunderbolt could be roaming the streets of New York right now."

"The Vice Guide to Everything" airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.