Young Buck Gets Back On His Grind With New 'Street Album'

Ex-G-Unit MC talks to Mixtape Daily about the Drumma Boy-produced Back on My Buck Sh--, Vol. 2.

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Street King: [artist id="1214257"]Young Buck[/artist]

Holding It Down For: Memphis

Mixtape: Back on My Buck Sh--, Vol. 2

Real Spit: Young Buck doesn't concern himself with media reports detailing his troubles with the tax man or contractual disputes with G-Unit pitbull 50 Cent. Instead, the Tennessee native deals with his issues in the booth. And on the Drumma Boy-helmed Back on My Buck Sh--, Vol. 2, street-album fans will get some of Buck's most heartfelt rhymes yet.

"I just been going in the booth and giving it to you," the ex-G-Unit MC told Mixtape Daily when we met up at the Drumma Boy compound. "Life is real like that, ya'll know that. ... But I'm good, my music speaks for itself ... I'm speaking through the music."

Buck said his latest sessions with Drumma happened naturally. "Honestly, he'll tell you man, I just walked in the booth and gave it to the world exactly how it is, and that's how I really been doing a lot of my music lately."

The producer said fans can expect Buck stray from his usual fare on B.O.M.B. S. 2. (Drumma Boy was actually doing double duty during the Mixtape Daily interview, tending to another Memphis heavyweight, 8Ball, who was going through tracks.)

"The sound of the project is basically a whole mix, it's like a gumbo," Drumma explained. "You gon' hear a little bit of rock influence, you gon' hear a little bit of soul influence, a little bit of Marvin Gaye influence, with the "AM/FM" — shout-out to Lupe, coming through, you know, blazing us." He continued, "I can't say too much. You gotta listen to it and really capture the moment."

Joint to Check For:

» "Got Me One" That's real heavy in the streets," Drumma said of the track.

"Yeah, salute to the streets, salute to the streets, 'Got Me One,' Buck chimed in. "We're aware that we're putting what would be considered your album as our street mixtape, our street album.

"What I'm basically telling you people is that if this is the street album, this mixtape, then imagine what the album gon' be," Buck smiled. "To be continued."

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