Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' Video Revives The 'Tron' Legacy

French electro duo tease their unmasking in just-premiered clip.

As if the gigantic electronic pyramid and constantly worn robot helmets weren't proof enough, I'm beginning to suspect that Daft Punk derive some sort of bizarre pleasure from messing with us.

The latest example of this occurred Tuesday (December 7) with the premiere of "Derezzed," the first single from their much-anticipated "Tron Legacy" soundtrack. As any "Tron"/ Daft Punk obsessive (and they're basically the same people) will tell you, it not only comes after years of bated-breath waiting, but after October's premiere of a teaser trailer that pretty much everyone assumed was the actual video for the song anyway.

So, right off the bat, Daft Punk have you on the ropes. You probably just finished wrapping your head around the teaser version of "Derezzed," and now, well, there's a whole new version to digest. And while I'll get to the video in a second, it bears mentioning here that the music in the clip is also a bit of a mind-frick, because after telling anyone who would listen that their score to the "Tron" sequel would be a departure from their four-on-the-floor, French house-ified past — mentioning "90-piece orchestras" in interviews about the project — they come right back and hit you with a slab of downright classic Daft Punk: spindly synths and robo voices and piston-pumping backbone and the full nine.

The video itself? Well, it's sure to be a treat for everyone who's been holding their breath since Daft Punk began working on the score nearly two years ago. It's a loving nod to the "Tron" past — all retro grids and tracing light cycles, not to mention the sly working of ENCOM into the proceedings — but it also keeps DP obsessives watching until the last possible frame — because it keeps teasing the very real possibility that the French duo may actually be unmasked. Turns out, all we get to see is actress Olivia Wilde. It's a cruel — if not cunning — trick, and after watching the video time and time again, I get the very real feeling that somewhere, in their robotic headquarters high atop the Parisian sprawl, Daft Punk are laughing. They win again.

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