Amber Heard Comes Out As Lesbian At GLAAD Event

'The injustice of people staying in the closet is more than I can bear with a clear conscience,' actress says.

Amber Heard is a rising Hollywood star thanks to roles in flicks like "Zombieland," "The Stepfather," "Pineapple Express" and the forthcoming Johnny Depp flick, "The Rum Diary." But it's her personal life that's making headlines at the moment after the actress recently opened up about being a lesbian.

The actress and her girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, walked the red carpet together at the GLAAD 25th anniversary party in Hollywood on Friday, making her sexuality public. She spoke about the decision to, saying, "I'm honored to be a part of GLAAD. I've long been a fan and long wanted to be a part of an organization as powerful, as influential and as important as GLAAD. I am acutely aware of the role that the media plays in influencing public opinion and influencing society, and with that awareness comes the burden of responsibility."

The actress went on to explain that her decision to come out has a lot to do with the fact that she doesn't want anyone to feel like their sexuality is something to be ashamed of.

"It's hard," she admitted. "I think GLAAD is one of the many reasons that I, as a 24-year-old, can come out. I think that organizations like GLAAD make that possible, because if it weren't for opinions being changed, people being influenced, people being engaged to do the right thing, then there would be no prerogative for anyone to come out. Like I said, I can't be a part of the problem. I hate the idea of a label just as much as anyone else, but I'm with who I'm with, I love who I love and I'm if not a better actress than I was yesterday and my personal life should have no effect on that.

"I think that the injustice of people staying in the closet is more than I can bear with a clear conscience, and I couldn't sleep at night if I was a part of that problem, if I was part of the lies," she added.

She then took a moment to praise her photographer girlfriend. "She's so beautiful," she gushed. "I mean, you'd have to be crazy not to want to go out with her!"

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