M.I.A. To Drop Vicky Leekx Mixtape On New Year's Eve

'Layin' bad minds to rest 2010!' songstress tweets of upcoming project.

With 2010 coming to a close, [artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist] has already announced her plans for the new year: Flood the Web with some new music. On Friday (December 3), the electro-dance superstar tweeted that she's going to drop a mixtape on December 31.

"Vicky leekx mixtape coming new years eve!" she wrote. The indie-music luminary didn't elaborate on the sound of the project but added that she plans to churn out a suite of tracks that will make an impact. "Layin bad minds to rest 2010!"

The "Born Free" artist has been trekking across Europe on tour and is slated to be on the road until December 12, according to her MySpace page. But it appears she was able to squeeze in some studio time while ripping stages overseas. And although her politically charged lyricism and genre-smashing beats have captivated her fans, the story behind the production of her music often rivals the British star's singular vibe.

M.I.A.'s 2007 pastiche of reggae-inflected, worldly electro, Kala, reflected the global sensibility of recording pretty much everywhere on Earth other than her homebase at the time, Brooklyn, while stuck in immigration limbo. For 2010's /\/\/\Y/\ she pretty much stayed put, but still banged out the album in dramatic fashion: hunkering down in a custom-built studio beneath her home.

"I built a room under the house that was kind of like a cave; you had to go down into it," she told MTV News in July. "And then I just sort of made it as creative as possible for me — I was just sort of making the furniture and making the pictures, covered all the walls with stuff that I made, so it feels like every step of the way, I was working on the layers of this sort of environment."

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