Soulja Boy Recalls Meeting Dr. Dre, Dubs Himself 'Lil' Dre'

'I was in shock at what he was saying,' young MC tells Sway during 'RapFix Live.'

Along with 50 Cent, another hip-hop heavyweight may be taking Soulja Boy Tell'em under his wing. During his interview on "RapFix Live" on Thursday (December 2), the 20-year-old rapper talked about meeting Dr. Dre for the first time briefly before one of his concerts.

"Everybody knows Dre," Soulja Boy said of meeting the West Coast icon. "I was in shock at what he was saying. It was just like, I couldn't believe that he was there."

Apparently, Dre was so unassuming that he caught the young MC off-guard.

"My CEO, Jimmy Iovine, had came in the room before he did, and he was like, 'What's up, Soulja Boy?' and we was talking," Soulja recalled. "And Dre just walked in, like, 'Soulja!' And I was like, 'Oh, is that Dr. Dre?' And [my boys] were like, 'Why you ain't take your shades off?' I was caught up in the moment, what he was saying, how he appreciate what I do and I'm doing my thang.

"Just him telling me that, just meant so much," Soulja continued. "I was in a point of shock, you feel me?"

And like for many other rappers, Dre has been a point of inspiration, but leave it to SB to take the superproducer's legacy one step further.

"Dr. Dre is a legend. I've been listening to him since I was in diapers," Soulja said. "I know my mama been listening to him. Everybody knows that he did so much for hip-hop and ... you know, I'm lil' Dre!"

While that title is debatable, the two may work together on Dre's premium line of headphones, Beats by Dre.

"During the 'Speakers Going Hammer' [video], the beats are all through that video and the 'Speakers Going Hammer' song is gon' be in his next commercial," Soulja said. "That was love. He was like, 'I like that song. Put that in the commercial.' Soon, maybe you'll see some Soulja Boy/ Dr. Dre headphones or something like that."

Until then, the rapper's been busy dreaming up fresh ideas.

"I've been thinking about what I could bring. Like, I ain't want to do just like the headphones," Soulja shared. "I wanted to do something new to it."

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