La Roux Marvel At Having Kim Kardashian And Snooki As Fans

'I've never seen 'Jersey Shore' ... apparently it's quite a big deal,' frontwoman Elly Jackson laughs.

[artist id="3142505"]La Roux[/artist] had quite the 2010, thanks to the smash success of their track "Bulletproof," which brought the dance group loads of new fans — including starlets and soldiers.

"A few months ago, someone sent me a tweet that Kim Kardashian — and I only just found out who the Kardashians were — and they said she just tweeted, 'This time I'll be bulletproof.' And she's got this bullet bracelet on, and they said she tweeted that, and I was like, 'Now that's really weird,' " La Roux frontwoman Elly Jackson told MTV News. "The fact that it reaches people like that — which, when we were writing it in a living room in South London, we didn't think it'd be reaching multimillionaires in L.A. — it doesn't compute with me. So it is what it is. It has a universal quality."

It seems that Kardashian isn't the only reality star with a love for La Roux: "Jersey Shore" star Snooki was spotted at a La Roux gig in New York last month. "I've never seen 'Jersey Shore' ... apparently it's quite a big deal!" Jackson laughed.

"Bulletproof" and another La Roux hit, "In for the Kill," have also become anthems for those fighting the good fight. "I think it's like we were saying before about 'In for the Kill,' it's one of those things you can take it to mean anything. I heard that amongst troops in Iraq, it was a really big song for them, obviously, because it's like 'Bulletproof' ... a great anthem for them.

"But did I ever think anyone would take that song and make it mean that for them? No I didn't!" Jackson continued. "And I think that's one of the great things about it, is that people can listen to it and hear 'This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof' and they can apply it to anything."

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