Ke$ha's 'We R Who We R' Video Is 'Hot And Dangerous'

Cannibal singer throws sexy, dark dance party in just-released clip.

In the video for her first Cannibal single, [artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] wants everyone to know "We R Who We R.". Flashing lights open the video as Ke$ha, in a high ponytail and body-hugging sparkly leotard, and her crew roll through a tunnel as a fire burns in the background. The singer promised explosions, and she delivered.

As she makes her way through the tunnel, a close-up shot of the singer reveals another eye-catching look: eyebrows complete with actual studs, and her makeup as glittery as ever. Cars zoom by as the crew hangs in the tunnel, continuing on their way to a party.

When they arrive, Revolucion tequila is on full display at a post-apocalyptic rave. Apparently, Ke$ha has now hit the product-placement stage of her career, a move made by Lady Gaga in several of her most-recent clips, notably, "Telephone."

Ke$ha parties it up with her people while the two female DJs scope out dating site Plenty of Fish, which also made an appearance in Gaga's "Bad Romance" clip around this time last year.

Mid-party, Ke$ha changes her garb. She is now draped in an American-flag top and sparkly hot-pink hot pants, and is partying so hard, she stage dives off a roof. Luckily, the crowd below catches her. The video closes with a smiling Ke$ha dancing her heart out, proclaiming proudly that "We R Who We R."

While Ke$ha has relied on comedy in many of her past clips, her latest is darker and sexier than the girl who flipped off her parents in the "Tik Tok" video, something she shared with MTV News a few weeks ago.

"This video is a little bit 'sexy time.' I'm not gonna lie: It may induce a boner or two," Ke$ha said, laughing. "I'm not sure, [you'll have to] report back. But I'm hoping for at least one."


target="_blank">tweeted Wednesday about the video's premiere, writing, "Hot and dangerous!!! Brand spankin new videoooooo for We R Who We R!!!"

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