Curren$y Calls Himself 'A Living Mission Statement'

MC plans to drop three albums this year, including the just-released Pilot Talk 2.

Forget releasing multiple mixtapes in one year; what about multiple albums? New Orleans MC [artist id="1823096"]Curren$y[/artist] has done just that, releasing his follow-up to July's Pilot Talk, appropriately titled Pilot Talk 2, on November 22.

"I have no shortage of raps, and there's no shortage of wack music in the world, so there has to be an alternative," Curren$y told MTV News. "There's people who are not so excited about what's going on with music. A lot of the times, it sounds like the same song's on the radio all day, even though it's not. Everything sounds like everything."

The MC, who released his first Pilot Talk LP through Damon Dash's revitalized Roc-A-Fella label and Island Def Jam, is no stranger to the taxes of an artist's life. But Curren$y, born Shante Franklin, decided to take his career into his own hands, shying away from radio-friendly songs in favor of smoke-filled grooves like the '70s-inspired song "Famous" on his newest project.

"The fact that everybody gives me so much flak for not conforming lets me know that there's a need for this," Curren$y said. "It's a break from the norm, like, 'Well, I'm gonna keep on doing this. I should give them two before it's done.' Everybody's like, 'Ah, if he would just do a song for the radio.'

"I'm trying to show that there's a way to survive without playing that game, without conforming," he continued. "So the fact that I could put three albums out not conforming shows people like, 'Dude, if you think you're right, you're probably right.' Just stick to your guns and eventually it'll all line up ... I am just a living mission statement; I have to do it."

The MC says that he's planning to release one more album this year, Muscle Car Chronicles, and Pilot Talk 3 will hit shelves possibly in April. Curren$y, along with Smoke DZA, Nipsey Hu$$le and Dom Kennedy, hit the road Thursday for the Smoker's Club Tour West in Seattle.

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