DJ Scoob Doo Taking Break From Lil Wayne To Travel To Africa

'Nino Brown' director tells Mixtape Daily he'll shoot Wayne's 'Bill Gates' video when he gets back.

Celebrity Favorites: DJ Scoob Doo

Scoob Doo might be best known for directing [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] music videos and as the man behind the "Nino Brown" DVD series featuring Tunechi, but the New Jersey native got his start behind the wheels of steel.

Now, as a result of his growing popularity, Scoob's taking his talents overseas.

"I'm going to South Africa," he told us over the phone on Tuesday.

Scoob will be out there for the rest of the week and is scheduled to host and DJ a few parties while he's in town.

The breakthrough journey (he's never visited the continent before) almost didn't happen, though. Since Lil Wayne was sprung from Rikers Island last month, the MC has been back at work, recording music, shooting material for the next "Nino Brown" DVD and readying a video for the next track from I Am Not a Human Being. And that means Scoob has been busy documenting the process — around the clock.

"We've been working nonstop on our personal endeavors and projects, and it's a situation where it's bigger than life right now as far as my work goes," Scoob explained. "I was at a crossroads deciding if I was gonna go to Africa or was I gonna stay. So I had a conversation with Tunechi, and Tunechi understood that I'm going away for a couple of days, but when I get back we're gonna be full up and running, picking up wherever we left off. And when I get back, just to put things in perspective, when I get back, we're gonna shoot a professional video for 'Bill Gates' and it's gonna be historic."

During his trip, Scoob plans turn the camera around on himself and shoot scenes from the events.

"I always wanted to go and it's one of those places you always wanna go," he said. "But it's so, and excuse my language, it's so f---ing awesome that I get to go and I am getting paid to go and I'm doing what I love to do. So it's like it's a bonus. And I'm kind of scoping the scene 'cause a lot of people that I work with always wanted to go but were scared to take that trip. So I'm actually gonna scope it out and make sure that it's good and everything. It's going to be a frequent opportunity for all of my clients and partners as far as this business goes."

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