La Roux's Elly Jackson Says Next Album Will Be 'Funkier'

Singer tells MTV News vocals are 'a bit deeper and rounder and sexier.'

[artist id="3142505"]La Roux[/artist] were pretty much "Bulletproof" in 2010. They managed to snag mainstream success, thanks to the synthy tune off their 2009 self-titled album, which also featured their Kanye West-remixed "In for the Kill." So, how will the band follow up their beloved debut album?

"Me and Ben [Langmaid] have been thinking about that a lot, and listening to a lot of stuff, and referencing things and talking about things," the group's leading lady, Elly Jackson, told MTV News. "We've done one or two weeks together, and I didn't really expect to get much out of those weeks, and we got a lot of useful stuff out of it. To me, it's the start of a record."

Jackson revealed that the duo have been listening to a lot of underground disco from the late '70s and early '80s, saying that they've been going deep and listening to "tracks people won't know."

"So, I'm really excited," she said. "My vocal style's changed [for] one, so that's going to be different. It's a bit deeper and rounder and sexier ... and definitely the musical style's going to change, as well."

However, she's quick to point out that they're not messing with their formula so much that their signature sound won't be recognizable to their fanbase.

"You're going to still be able to tell it's La Roux — synthy, bouncy elements — [but] more organic feeling, but funkier without being too flamboyant," she added. "A lot more funkier rhythms and looser and less angular. ... We'd like to move from that a little bit but keep elements of that."

Given that Jackson has upped her hip-hop game this year, she notes that the group won't be stealing from that genre for their album. She

explained, "That's why we did that with Kanye [and remixed 'In for the Kill'] 'cause it's a one-off, but La Roux and hip-hop don't really mix ... on our albums, certainly, they don't mix."

What sound do you think La Roux should go for on their next album?

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