Dane Cook Talks 'Very Strange' Taylor Swift Tattoo

'The minute it went to commercial, she goes, 'What the f--- was that?' ' comedian jokes about Swift's reaction to 'Tonight Show' tribute.

Dane Cook shocked Taylor Swift with an original song when both were guests on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" last week. Cook sang a tune about how much he loves Swift and it was a moment made more comical because he performed it shirtless with a portrait of Swift and her name tattooed on his chest.

"You're speaking of the Taylor Swift 'Tonight Show' viral sensation, which is burning up the Internet charts. Well, that was years of planning," Cook joked to MTV News when we met up to talk about his new album, I Did My Best - Greatest Hits.

"It's a real tattoo, so I had to do it over three stages of nine months ... either that version of the story [about how it happened or] it took about 15 minutes the night before to write the little ditty.

"I have a friend who's a tattoo artist [and] I came off the tour, slopped that on there and I can't get it off," he continued. "I've tried rubbing alcohol. I've tried abrasive toothpaste, and it freaks me out. I looked in the mirror after my shower, like, 'Taylor Swift's face is staring back at me, very strange.' "

Cook admitted that Swift had a great sense of humor about the whole thing.

"You know, she comes across as very sweet but the minute it went to commercial she looked at me and she goes, 'What the f--- was that?' No, I'm kidding," he said. "She actually was really super sweet. We did get to talk a little bit and she thought it was really a very, very nice moment and then afterwards we took some pictures. We're fast friends. We're Twitter friends now so, you know, once you're on Twitter with somebody it's a camaraderie that can never be broken."

So what will the comedian do if he can't get that tattoo off? "I figure, date really beautiful blondes and change the name — just keep getting that removed," he joked.

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