DJ Drama, Don Cannon Publicly End Beef For Mixtape

Former Aphilliates tell Mixtape Daily about burying the hatchet for Young Chris' The Re-Introduction.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: The Re-Introduction

Headliner: Young Chris

Co-Headliners: DJ Drama and Don Cannon

Essential Info: Business partners fight, but brothers unite.

That's the case between DJ Drama and Don Cannon. The two unceremoniously parted ways a few years ago and went their separate ways, signaling the end to the Aphilliates crew that dominated the mixtape game with their jointly hosted "Gangsta Grillz" project.

Drama continued to do his thing with the "GG" brand, helming projects by Gucci Mane, among others.

And Cannon made a name for himself on the underground scene, championing acts such as The Cool Kids.

The two friends buried the hatchet recently and rejoined forces on fellow Philly native Young Chris' The Re-Introduction mixtape.

"Dram called my phone and was like, 'Let's go sit down,' " Cannon told MTV News. "We sit down, and before you even know it, we didn't even have to explain it to each other. We were like, 'Let's get it together. You got your thing going on. I got my thing going on.'

"You know when you get into an argument, and you got to explain what's going on? We past that. We're here. The reintroduction. We're here for Chris, Philly, and this is a good platform for people to see what people can do when they come together and knock things out."

Although the two Clark University grads publicly reunited for Young Chris' mixtape, the pair said they were back on good terms long before the project.

"I remember last year when the situation happened on the radio with Jeezy and Gucci [squashing their beef]," Drama said. "And a lot of people were hitting my Twitter and said, 'Now that they've resolved their issue, when will we see you and Cannon together? That's what we really wanna see.' "

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