Soulja Boy Tell'em 'Got Back On My Production' For DeAndre Way

'Pretty Boy Swag' MC returns to 'Rapfix Live' this Thursday.

Arguably one of the most-polarizing figures in current hip-hop, [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] has both die-hard fans and his share of critics who like to point out his preference for party over substance in his music. But the "Pretty Boy Swag" MC promises that his third studio album, The DeAndre Way, due out Tuesday, will show how much he has learned over the years, possibly pleasing fans and haters alike.

"I've just been watching a lot of rappers, learning, taking notes," Soulja told MTV News on the video set for the album's third single, "Speakers Going Hammer." "I've really been in the studio working on my production as producer, because I was rapping and jumping on so many different songs that I forgot that I produced the #1 song in the world. I really just sat and got back on my production. I worked on my lyrics and really I just made a good album, and I'm ready for my fans to hear it."

And if you want him to explain more about how his music has matured, you can ask him yourself this Thursday, when he makes his second appearance on MTV News' "RapFix Live."

One artist who has helped Soulja evolve was his "Mean Mug" collaborator 50 Cent. Both were featured on the November cover of XXL, where they expressed their mutual admiration for each other. Soulja Boy said they faced common adversities, and 50 said if he could be any other artist it would be Soulja.

On his video set, Soulja also talked about why he loves the opportunity to sit back, listen and learn from Fif.

"When I talk to dudes like 50 Cent, when we working on songs or other business outside of the music industry, there's always things that you can learn," he told MTV News. "You always think that you know it all, but you don't. When I'm around 50, he just likes to ramble. He can go on and talk. He can talk and talk and talk. And it's so good for me, because I just listen and I soak it all up. And I take it and I put my own twist on it."

Soulja's "Rapfix Live" interview will stream live online at 4 p.m. on Thursday. Tweet your burning questions for the "Crank Dat" rapper to @mtvnews (include the hashtag #rapfixlive so that we can track your questions). If you'd rather show your face on the Internet, record your question on video, upload it to and include "Soulja Boy Tell 'em" in the title of the clip.