Fred The Godson's Armegeddon Goes For 'Golden Years Of Hip-Hop'

'It's really a punchline to the end of all wack tracks that's out there now,' Bronx MC tells Mixtape Daily.

Main Pick

Street King: Fred the Godson

Holding It Down For: The BX

Mixtape: Armegeddon

Real Spit: To hear Fred the Godson's doctor explain it, his talent is a blessing. In fact, that's how the Bronx bomber got his MC name. The hefty rhyme-spitter suffers from a number of ailments, including high blood pressure, kidney failure, asthma and diabetes. So when he told his doc he would be performing at a talent show a few years back, she thought it wasn't such a good idea.

" 'Listen,' " he recalls telling his medical practitioner. " 'I been practicing, and for some reason when I'm practicing, the ailments don't really bother me.' She didn't believe me, so she asked to come to the show. I gave her a flyer and a ticket and said, 'Come through.' I didn't think she would, but she came."

Fred rocked out, and his doctor was so impressed, she ran up to him right after the show.

"She was like, 'That's crazy. I can't believe you went through it.

It's like you're God's son. It's like God was looking over you,' " he explained. "So I just kept it: Fred the Godson."

The crafty lyricist's foes might need the Lord's blessing after listening to his debut mixtape, Armegeddon.

The title is a nod to sub-par rhymers.

"It's really a punchline to the end of all wack tracks that's out there now," he said. "I'm trying to bring it back to Biggie, the Reasonable Doubts, Illmatics, Big Puns. I think it's a mixture of all those things together. I'm really trying to pattern my material after those great albums of the '90s.

"I really aim for back then," Fred added. "The golden years of hip-hop."

Joints to Check For

» "Armageddon," featuring Busta Rhymes: "When we first heard the track, it sounded like a 2010/2011 'Victory,' so it was only right to get Busta," Fred explained. "He laid down his joint real quick. He's on the hook; it's fire." He spits: "If I got to bring it back to when Biggie was with Diddy/ Then I'm gonna run it, New York City to the Caribbean."

» "She Call Me God": "It sounds like that pimp, player joint," Fred said. "It's about three different girls. 'She calls me God,' meaning, I'm everything to her. I'm the highest, and I just go from three different stories about three different girls."

» "So Crazy": "While you're doing it, you really believe, every day from there, from 10 years ago, that I was gonna get on," Fred said about his breakout number. "Every day, I believed it.

Every single day. Every day, I woke up, I wrote rhymes, and I believed soon is my time. Every meeting, everything I had, I thought that was gonna go down."

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