Birdman Delivers Thanksgiving Joy To New Orleans

Cash Money CEO brings turkeys to his hometown neighborhood.

We rarely see the soft side of Cash Money CEO Birdman, but MTV News caught up with the 5-Star General in his hometown of New Orleans on Tuesday afternoon for his 15th annual turkey giveaway. The event was in Shakespeare Park, across the street from the housing projects Birdman, born Bryan Williams, grew up in. He said he was very happy to be home.

"It feels good to see people that you grew up with, that you've been knowing your whole life and your family," Birdman said. "[They] know more about you than you know about yourself."

He said the drive means a lot to those in the community, not just because of the giveaway, but also because the town is thrilled just to see Birdman and the rest of the Cash Money family.

"They see us on TV so much, but never get to see us [in person]. But for them to see us, shake our hands, tell us they know our momma, they know our daddy, so many that watched me as a kid that tried to keep my head straight when I was younger — it feels great, not just good."

Birdman said Cash Money have been giving away turkeys for 15 years, but every year, it gets more exciting. He said that when they started, it was just to help out those that didn't have anything for Thanksgiving.

"We caught ourselves trying to help the neighborhood, the older folks who didn't have anything," he recalled. "Now it's a different trade for me to come home and get [a reception] like this. It still means the world to me."

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