Nicki Minaj 'Speaks For Us' Fans Declare At New York Signing

Minaj appeared at Best Buy to promote Pink Friday and thank her Barbies and Kens for their support.

NEW YORK — Hundreds of fans ... correction, Barbies and Kens, lined up for hours outside of Best Buy in New York City's Union Square Tuesday night for a chance to meet their Mama Barb, Nicki Minaj. Nicki has found herself in the rap and pop spotlight thanks to her unique style, over-the-top personality and anticipation for her first album, Pink Friday, out Friday. This was an opportunity not only for her to thank fans for their support, but also for them to thank her for giving them a voice.

"She speaks for people. She speaks for us. She's our generation," said one fan queued up outside. "Every era has their people. We have Nicki, that's our person. We relate to her. We connect to her."

Nicki's Barbies and Ken Barbs — as she's dubbed many of her male fans — were rapping their favorite Nicki verses in unison and chanting the Harajuku Barbie's name as well as the name of her debut album, Pink Friday, all night at the event.

"It's her style, it's her flow," said 19-year-old Jean Carlos. "Some people won't get it, but the people out here supporting her, all of these people that have been here since who knows what time, those are people that get her. Those are her real fans and that's why we're here, because we love her."

Most fans knew that they would only get three seconds to let Nicki know how much they loved her, but that fact did little to dissuade them. Admirer Anthony Dominguez said that when he got a chance to meet her, he would congratulate her on her success and tell her how much he appreciated her.

"I'm going to tell her 'I love you so much, keep up the good work,' and 'I love you Mama Barb.' "

Minaj also spent part of Tuesday performing at Kanye West's show at the Bowery Ballroom in downtown New York.

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