'Dancing With The Stars' Finale: Jennifer Grey Bests Bristol Palin

Kyle Massey comes in second place in the surprise-filled season.

Is it safe to say that Jennifer Grey had the time of her life during this season of "Dancing With the Stars"? Considering that she took home the top prize during Tuesday night's (November 23) finale, that's a resounding yes.

Before the winner was announced, past contestants from this season were invited back to settle scores and dance one last go-round. One dance highlight of the night was Rick Fox versus Kirk Warner — and the two played up their basketball and football backgrounds.

Then the three finalists — Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Grey — came back to dance one last time before the big reveal.

The moment that everyone has been waiting for came: The tension was thick, as viewers waited to find out whether Palin would nab a controversial win. Turns out, there was no need for all the controversy.

Palin landed in third place but received a standing ovation from the crowd. "I have so many good memories in this competition," Palin said. "It's been a life-changing experience."

Palin smiled as she and her partner Mark Ballas watched a montage of their special moments throughout the season.

Once Palin was eliminated, Grey and her partner Derek Hough being named the champions seemed like a foregone conclusion. The announcement was the first non-surprise of the season, considering that the actress had consistently been a front-runner in the dance competition. Grey, who had a flawless finale performance the night before, fought back tears while nodding in agreement when co-host Tom Bergeron mentioned that she didn't think she'd be able to actually perform at the finale, given that she had a few injuries that were bothering her.

Grey paraded and danced with the trophy before she and Hough were lifted in the air by their fellow contestants.

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