Nicki Minaj Fans Swarm New York MAC Store For Glimpse Of Their 'Idol'

'She is so different and inventive,' one die-hard says of Pink Friday MC.

NEW YORK — [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] took New York City by storm Tuesday (November 23) while promoting her debut album, Pink Friday. Her first stop was the Times Square MAC Cosmetics store, where she talked about her special edition Pink Friday MAC lipstick. Her fans — known as Barbiez — eagerly awaited her appearance.

Jasmine Taylor, 23, was "super excited" to see Nicki. "She is my idol. I live for her. I'm, like, shaking right now," said Jasmine, who sported a Nicki Minaj haircut and a glittering "Barbie" necklace. "She keeps it real and is so personable. The guys give her respect because of her lyrics."

Kelly Baker, a student at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, wasn't dressed like Nicki, but she was just as big a fan. What draws Kelly to Nicki is how she is not like any other artist. "She is really different and the only person who I can think of that is like her is — I don't know. I think she is so different and inventive."

Eric Cruz, 23, loves her so much that he wanted her to sign his neck so he could get it tattooed on him permanently.

All her fans came armed with the new Pink Friday album, hoping to get their copy signed. Tishae Lauren from the Bronx had to go to three different stores until she finally found a few lingering copies at Walmart — which she promptly bought up.

All the Barbiez in the crowd thought Nicki would outsell Kanye West and My Chemical Romance, who also dropped new albums Monday.

"I think Pink Friday will do good because everybody loves Nicki. She's the sh--," Anthony Pecheco insisted.

Her fans are also excited about her upcoming documentary, "My Time Now," which premieres Sunday, November 28, on MTV. "I'm excited because we always see her as a cartoon character," Tishae said. "Finally, we get to see her more serious side."

Nicki also drew one fan all the way from Rome. Mario Petroccione came to New York just to see his favorite female MC. "She's huge, and I love her," he said. "She never comes to Italy, so that's why I come to New York to see her." When asked what it was about Nicki that got him to fly all the way from Rome, Mario replied, "She's just lovely."

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Don't miss the documentary "Nicki Minaj: My Time Now," premiering Sunday, November 28, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV!