Beyonce Jokes She's Been Pregnant With Concert Special

'I was pregnant with this DVD,' she laughs to MTV News as 'I Am ... World Tour' is set to air Thanksgiving Day on ABC.

[artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] never really seems to slow down, so when the time came to choose a director for her concert special DVD "I Am ... World Tour," the singer decided to take on those duties too. It's an accomplishment the singer jokes may have sparked those pregnancy rumors.

"I was pregnant with this DVD, yes!" she joked to MTV News.

The DVD hits stores on November 30, but fans can catch the 90-minute "I Am ... World Tour" TV special when it airs on ABC Thanksgiving night at 9:30 p.m. ET. Beyoncé opened up about what it was like to sit in the director's chair.

"Well, I've done some co-directing for music videos [but] this was definitely a big step for me, and I'm so thrilled," she said at the New York City screening for the flick.

Beyoncé said she was completely hands-on, deciding which moments made the final cut and which ones wound up on the cutting-room floor. "It was hard work," she said. "I learned so much. I have a new respect for directors and I think I would like to do more of it."

Her parents, Mathew and Tina Knowles, who also attended the screening over the weekend, said the film gives B the recognition she deserves after years of collaborating on many of her own videos.

"I'm really excited about this because Beyoncé has been making little short films and really helping to direct her videos," Tina told us. "So it's nice that she'll get credit for doing something that she really loves doing and that she's very talented at."

Dad Mathew recalled all of the effort his superstar daughter put into the special. "I'm so proud," he said. "I had an opportunity [to see the film], I've been to Houston with a screening; I've been to Bentonville, [Arkansas], with a screening, and to see the excitement from the audience, what an incredible job Beyoncé did as a director in the editing, I'm just so proud. Hopefully, all the fans go out and get the DVD and soundtrack and look at that ABC special coming on Thanksgiving."

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