My Chemical Romance Fans Get Batty, Battered At L.A. Gig

'I got kicked [and] hit on the head, but it never felt so good,' gushed one fan at MCR's Danger Days release party.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CaliforniaMy Chemical Romance threw a party on Monday night at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip to celebrate the release of their brand new album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, and the members of the MCRmy showed up in their Killjoy finest.

Both inside and out, the House of Blues was transformed into a DayGlo diaspora, part postapocalyptic fashion spectacle, part bizarre performance-art piece, as My Chem fans donned neon masks, brightly colored bandanas and a variety of blinking accessories (glasses, necklaces, bracelets, etc.), all in the name of Danger Days. They strolled through the "Zone 5 Carnival," scarfed down cotton candy, avoided the menacing Draculoids that patrolled the grounds and — perhaps most importantly — witnessed one heck of a concert.

"It was amazing. They're my favorite band, so I was just completely stoked the whole time," 17-year-old MCR fan Ryan Johnson said. "There was a lot of moshing going on, and it was kind of crazy. The energy was amazing."

And that energy was matched only by some MCR followers' dedication ... they came from miles around (and a half a world away) to be here on this night, to be with their fellow fanatics and say they were there on the night their favorite band released its most ambitious album to date.

"It was one of the most amazing concerts of my life ... the utter energy that MCR puts out to the fans and the love all of us have for them, we all come together and it's like one big family having an amazing get-together," 15-year-old Matt Jennette said. "I came all the way here from Chicago because this is the album-release party and I love them with an unholy dedication. I had to see 'em. I paid like $200 for the tickets and it was worth it without a shadow of a doubt."

"I came from Italy, just because I love them more than my life. Their music makes me feel happy," Stefania Fiorese, 24, added. "We were in the first row and it was amazing. I saw them a couple of weeks ago in Paris, and it was so good, but this one was better. The crowd was pushing so hard — everyone was jumping, everyone was trying to reach them. Tomorrow I will be purple all over my body but I don't care."

That sentiment was echoed by pretty much every MCR fan who MTV News spoke to on Monday, many of whom limped out of the House of Blues a little battered, but completely, totally, blissed out of their minds.

"They never cease to amaze me, they're always great shows," John Conaty, 20, beamed. "I got kicked, crowd surfed on, got hit on the head numerous times, but it never felt so good. At every My Chemical Romance show, getting crushed feels the best."

"I got kicked in the face! I didn't even see it coming!" 16-year-old Savannah Hill laughed. "There was a crowd surfer and then they just came out of nowhere and whammed me in the face, but then I continued to watch the show. It was awesome."

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