Justin Bieber Calls Lil Twist His 'Homey'

'We're working on stuff for fun,' singer say of upcoming mixtape with teen rapper.

Justin Bieber has been known to dabble in the world of rap. Not only does he perform the rap portion of "Baby" when he sings the song live — since Ludacris isn't always available to hit the stage with the singer — he even dropped a rap song this fall under the rap pseudonym Shawty Mane in which he raps over Vado and Cam'ron's "Speaking in Tungs."

Now fans are waiting for what Bieber and Young Money MC Lil Twist will share with the world on their mixtape, some of which Lil Twist teased might drop very soon. When MTV News caught up with Bieber on Sunday at the American Music Awards, he said he had no further details to share about the collaboration. "I don't know man," he said, with a smile on his face. "Lil Twist is my homey and we're working on stuff for fun."

Of course, even if the mixtape never sees the light of day, Bieber has plenty of projects already under way, including the releases of My Worlds Acoustic this Friday and his 3-D movie, "Never Say Never," next year. "I think this is only the beginning," he said. "There's so much more to come and I just hope that I have the career that Usher, my mentor, has had."

It's a sentiment that Usher shares. "There's so much more in store for the future, or at least there's a ton of things we can do and will," he said. "And with the support of his fans, who will continue to just grow and grow and grow."