Justin Bieber's New 'Never Say Never' Trailer Plays Up 3-D

Bieber flies across the screen spraying silly string and throwing popcorn in just-released sneak peek.

In October, [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] debuted the first trailer for his February 3-D flick "Never Say Never." And on Monday (November 22), just one day after his big night at the AMAs, a new trailer for the flick hit the Internet.

The sneak peek opens with classical music playing as the screen reads, "This Valentine's Day," over an image of Bieber. Soon, the singer is spraying silly string as the screen reads, "See Bieber like never before." Then, Bieber throws popcorn at the camera — all tricks to play up the film being in 3-D.

Soon, a montage of Bieber as a kid flashes across the screen along with concert video and behind-the-scenes footage of the singer with various people in Bieber's camp sharing tidbits about the singer, including "He could really be huge, if he wanted" and "He's 16, and he's doing it all on his own."

At the end of the trailer, Bieber is seen learning about the cameras used to shoot his 3-D flick as he sticks out 3-D glasses and looks into a screen seeing what the 3-D will look like. "That's sick, right?" he says. "It looks like it's about to hit that guy in the head."

It was just announced that fans can catch a sneak-peek screening of the film February 9, two days before it officially hits theaters. They'll be surprised just to see I'm a regular person," he said. "I'm a regular teenage boy. I like girls, and I like to hang out with my friends. It's gonna be taking them into my world, but also like it's their world, 'cause it's just normal."

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