Justin Bieber Schedules Sneak-Peek Screenings Of 3-D Flick

'They'll be surprised just to see I'm a regular person,' he tells MTV News of 'Never Say Never.'

Justin Bieber is already getting fans excited for the release of his 3-D flick, "Never Say Never." The singer will hold special sneak-peek screenings of the flick on February 9, two days before it opens nationwide.

Need more details? Well, the screenings will be held at 6 p.m. at specially selected movie theaters across the country. Additionally, fans can get their tickets to the concert-film event starting on November 29. Bieber lovers who purchase passes also will receive official movie merchandise like a souvenir VIP lanyard, a glow stick, a bracelet and purple 3-D glasses.

"Everyone thinks this is going to be another 3-D concert movie, but it's anything but that," Justin Bieber said in a statement about the event. "It's a story of how my family, friends and the fans helped me get here and every day are helping me live an impossible dream. That's why I want them to see it first."

When MTV News caught up with Bieber at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, he revealed what fans can expect from the flick. "They'll be surprised just to see I'm a regular person," he said. "I'm a regular teenage boy. I like girls and I like to hang out with my friends. It's gonna be taking them into my world, but also like it's their world cause it's just normal."

These recent comments about the flick echo ones Bieber shared with us last month. "I want to let people know there's a lot of people that are discouraging in life and that will tell you you can't do something, but you just got to remember that the sky's the limit," he told us. "You're able to do whatever you set your mind to as long as you remember to keep God first and stay grounded. So I think the movie really explains that, and it's really inspiring."

Do you plan to get tickets to the advance screenings of Justin's 3-D film? Let us know in the comments.