Nicki Minaj Calls Her AMA Dress 'The Epitome Of Pink Friday'

If her out-there outfit could talk, the Young Money MC tells MTV News it would say, 'I am such a bad diva bitch.'

The dress [artist id="305"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] wore to the 2010 American Music Awards was as manic as the female MC's music.

Rihanna couldn't even keep her hands off it: Cameras caught the "What's My Name?" singer sneaking a handful of the Lil Wayne protégé's backside while they were both onstage. According to Minaj, however, the outfit was simply the sartorial symbol of her debut album, Pink Friday.

"It's like, what is it?" she told MTV News on the AMA red carpet. "It's just a weird thing. It looks like it could be a piece on the middle of your table and you picked it up, put some clothing on it, and now you can wear it. It's all about feeling like, 'Grrr.' This dress it the epitome of Pink Friday. This is the dress version of my album.

"It would say, 'I am such a bad diva bitch,' " the "Your Love" star responded when asked what her dress would say if it could talk.

The lady lyricist sported a blond wig with green tips, and her dress featured a subtle pink hue adorned with gold, teal and leopard-print attachments.

Nicki Minaj appeared onstage during the broadcast with Trey Songz and Taio Cruz to announce the Best Female Artist award. She plugged her Pink Friday set, which drops Monday, seconds before announcing the winner, Rihanna, who joked about the rapper's hair.

"Don't we all wish we could have green hair and make it look good like Nicki," Rihanna said, laughing.

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