Diddy-Dirty Money Get AMA Crowd Swaying With 'Coming Home'

Typically flashy rapper slows it down at the American Music Awards -- but he still brings the fireworks.

Diddy knows a thing or two about showstopping performances, but during the 2010 American Music Awards, the hip-hop mogul had a more measured set as Dirty Money's Dawn Richard and Kalenna flanked him through a reflective rendition of his latest, "Coming Home."

"What am I supposed to do when the club lights come on?" Diddy rapped, sporting all-black attire and a half-moon hair part. "It's easy to be Puff, but it's harder to be Sean/ What if my twins ask why I ain't marry their mom?/ Damn, how do I respond?/ What if my son stares with a face like my own?/ And says he wants to be like me when he's grown?/ Sh--, but I ain't finish growing."

The rest of his Dirty Money crew wore white and followed Diddy's lead in the elegant performance.

The rapper arrived in a whirl of smoke while his orchestra played up the triumphant track, which will appear on Diddy-Dirty Money's forthcoming Last Train to Paris.

As he reached the stirring lyrics about his offspring, the camera panned to his youngest son, Christian Combs, who had a smile as bright as his father's jewelry. Fireworks dotted the superstar's performance, and the audience swayed their arms in unison throughout.

"Let the rain wash away/ All the pain of yesterday," Richard and Kalenna sang on the chorus. "I know my kingdom awaits/ And they've forgiven my mistakes/ I'm coming home, coming home/ Tell the world I'm coming home."

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