'American Idol' Moving To New Night

The Fox hit will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning January 19.

As its tenth season nears, "American Idol" continues to shake things up.

Fox announced on Friday that in January the amateur-talent juggernaut will now air on Wednesdays and Thursdays after launching from a Tuesday-night slot for years. According to the network's 2010 to 2011 midseason schedule, Tuesdays will lead with "Glee" at 8 p.m., followed by "Raising Hope" and a new sitcom "Mixed Signals."

The lineup change is the latest in a slew of revamps to the Fox hit. The buzzed-about judges' panel was completely overhauled and now includes Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler alongside "Idol" veteran Randy Jackson. The minimum age limit was also lowered to 15. In addition, the show will no longer whittle down the finalists from 24 to 12, and instead just introduce a dozen singers for fans to vote for. Tenth-season hopefuls will also be tasked with crafting memorable visuals as part of a brand new music video competition.

Lythoe has dished on how Tyler and Lopez are approaching their new gigs, praising them for their serious take on the job. He also added that longtime critic Jackson is stepping up his game and providing pithy insight.

"Randy is pulling his weight," Lythgoe said recently. "He really has stepped up. He's essentially come out of himself. He's enjoying being in that position."

Lopez has also said that next season with show will be more forgiving with auditioners, and try not to let panicky nerves get in the way of recognizing a talented hopeful.

"I don't want to let anybody really great [not make it through] because they're nervous, and not get to see what they could have did," Lopez said in September. "They're going to come in here and be a little bit nervous in the beginning, and then you realize, 'Wow, that person is really talented.' So we work them a little bit more than maybe you've seen in the past. We've given them more of a chance."

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