OK Go Recruit Fans For A Neon Parade

Band uses GPS to spell their name across the streets of Los Angeles.

Fans and friends joined [artist id="1231455"]OK Go[/artist] on Wednesday for a very unique video shoot up and down the streets of Los Angeles. Known for their outrageous and high-concept videos, the band announced a "parade" on their website earlier in the week.

OK Go and their posse spent most of Wednesday afternoon and evening "taking the rock to the streets" as they played music with the crowd on a parade around Los Angeles. Cameras followed the swarm of people all day, many of whom were equipped with noisemakers, megaphones and even some neon instruments. The street path they followed spelled out "OK Go" and, as they described on their website, the band aimed to create a "city-sized drawing" of the band name by using GPS technology along with a special iPhone App to mark the path of their journey.

On location, lead singer Damian Kulash said that, after spending a weekend in New Orleans, they realized "music doesn't need to be about the product you make all the time." Instead, he said, "It can just be about getting together and making sound."

OK Go broke through in 2006 when they released their "Here It Goes Again" music video, in which they maneuvered through an intricately choreographed dance on treadmills. They performed the routine at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards only a few months later.

From their most recent album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, the video for "White Knuckles" is an epic piece of art on its own. The video consists of another intricately choreographed routine, this time involving a supporting cast of dogs and a goat.

The parade video is expected to be finished by January. In the meantime, those who are anxious should check out the band's most recent video for "Last Leaf," in which they manage to turn toast into fascinating artwork.

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