Taio Cruz 'Realistic' About AMA Chances Against Ke$ha, Justin Bieber

'Dynamite' singer calls American Music Awards Breakthrough Artist nomination a 'great honor.'

[artist id="2453256"]Taio Cruz[/artist] had a "Dynamite" 2010, and he's topping it off with an American Music Awards nomination. Cruz is up for the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist award, and as much as he would love the chance to take home the prize, he knows he has some major competition in B.o.B, Justin Bieber, Jason Derülo, Ke$ha, Lady Antebellum, Travie McCoy and Mike Posner.

"I mean, I'm realistic," he told MTV News about his chances. "Ke$ha's in there. I mean, she's massive — not physically or anything — and Justin Bieber is also massive. Also not physically. But yeah, I think there's definitely stiff competition from those two, but I'm definitely happy to be nominated. That in itself is the great honor, just because it means you've been recognized for your music."

Cruz also opened up about the day he learned he was nominated. "It was crazy, because I was actually [announcing] the nominations with Demi [Lovato]," he said. "And then she was kind of standing next to me, and then my name popped into my ear, and I was like, 'Cool!' ... So I was a bit shocked, but very, very pleasantly surprised."

Cruz is also capping off 2010 with a new single: the Kylie Minogue duet "Higher." "I wrote 'Higher' for [Minogue], and she ... had another song on the album called 'Higher' or some other reason why it didn't go onto her record," he said. "But as things turn out, she's here now on 'Higher' as a duet, and it's amazing. She's such a sweetheart and an amazing professional. She's just incredible."

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