Will La Roux's Elly Jackson Be On Dr. Dre's Detox?

'We'll have to talk about that at a later junction,' singer tells MTV News.

British dance outfit La Roux are having quite a moment, and it seems to be recognized by the hip-hop community. The group's ginger-haired, fashionista lead singer, Elly Jackson, not only appears as one of the many, many A-listers on Kanye West's "All Of The Lights," she's also rumored to be appearing on Dr. Dre's long-simmering album, Detox.

target="_blank">Reports online say La Roux's leading lady may appear on the Compton MC's album, so when MTV News got a hold of her Friday (November 19), we asked her to clear up the rumors herself.

She laughed, saying, "I don't know. I don't think ... No, I don't know.

We'll have to talk about that at a later junction. We'll see." While she may not have revealed details regarding the Dre rumors, she did add, "I think my facial expressions say more than my words. Nothing's physically come out of my mouth, so it's fine."

When pressed, Jackson played it cool, but was willing to give very vague insight into what the two of them could be working on together.

"If I was to do anything with Dr. Dre, let's just say that I didn't necessarily do anything with him, that he might have done something with me," she said. "But not anything new."

Two songs have already leaked from Detox, neither featuring La Roux. "Kush" features Snoop Dogg and Akon and is rumored to be the album's first single, complete with a video reportedly being directed by Joseph Kahn. The second leaked track is Dre's collabo with Eminem, "I Need a Doctor."

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