Jay-Z Talks Tupac, Beyonce During Charlie Rose Interview

Rapper chides veteran talk-show host for mispronouncing Tupac's name.

BROOKLYN, New YorkJay-Z's new book, "Decoded," may be about translating the lyrics in his songs, but when the iconic MC sat down with talk-show host Charlie Rose, he promised to "decode" everything.

Rose interviewed the rapper on Thursday before an audience at the Brooklyn Museum for a future episode of his PBS program, and the pair touched on much more than music.

With Beyoncé, his mother and other family members seated in the front row, Jay-Z held court on an array of topics, including Tupac Shakur, his arrest for stabbing a record executive and his drug-dealing past.

"Did you ever do the drugs?" Rose asked the Roc Nation boss.

"Crack cocaine," Jay responded, drawing laughs from the audience. "C'mon, man. That's hard-core, man. Maybe a little weed. A Ballantine Ale. Or a Guinness Stout."

"Decoded," Jay-Z's first book, is part memoir and part deconstruction of his lyrics, which have helped to garner more #1 albums than any solo artist in history.

Sporting a gray blazer, black v-neck sweater, dark denim jeans and designer kicks, Jay-Z was casual and charismatic throughout the evening.

When Rose mispronounced Tupac's name, the rapper humorously chided the talk-show host.

"If it was Tupac," Jay said, pronouncing it "two-pack" and pausing to let the laughter build up, "it would be spelled with a 'k' and not a 'c' at the end. You're not the first to say it wrong, but hopefully, after tonight, you'll be the last." The veteran journalist redeemed himself when he leaned over to give Jay-Z a fist pound, signifying that he had learned his lesson.

Rose probed further into the "Run This Town" star's life, at one point asking about his arrest in the stabbing of former Biggie confidant Lance "Un" Rivera.

"He was stabbed, but he went home without taking an aspirin," Jay responded, defusing the headlines of the past. "He was fine. Don't feel bad for him."

As the conversation neared its end, Rose brought up the guarded rapper's marriage to singer Beyoncé. He pointed to a clip of the two from the video for "O3 Bonnie and Clyde," but Jay chimed in before Rose could ask his question.

"I don't know how I let her wear that Boston hat," Jay-Z said. "She took the B a little too far. That's what I thought of.

"How did I get out of that," he joked, after Rose was flustered and forgot his question.

As of press time, the broadcast date for the episode of "Charlie Rose" featuring Jay-Z had not been announced.