Pusha T Promises Next Clipse LP Is 'Gonna Be Mean'

On 'RapFix Live,' G.O.O.D. Music signee says duo are making street music: 'We're doing the album that we wanna do.'

Now that the Clipse's Pusha T is a part of the G.O.O.D. Music family as a solo artist, the pressure to deliver as a group appears to have subsided.

The Virginia Beach MC and his brother Malice have long railed against record labels for freedom when it comes to their Clipse projects, blaming execs for stalling on release dates and handcuffing them creatively. But for the next Brothers Thornton LP, Pusha said the duo's music will be as dark and uncompromising as ever.

"I can say that it's gonna strictly be for the Clipse purist," Push told Sway during an appearance on "RapFix Live" on Thursday (November 18). We're throwing around a title. But it's gonna be mean, for sure. We're doing the album that we wanna do."

Their last album, Til the Casket Drops, was released last year to much critical acclaim in the same vein as their past efforts. The Neptunes protégés have long served their rabid fanbase with their sharp lyricism, flush production and paranoid tales of drug dealing.

Throughout the years, however, the rappers were known more for raging against the system than reaching the heights that their potential promises; since their debut in 2002, they've only released three albums.

For their next album, however, which Push joked would be called Demon Night, the Clipse want to outdo themselves.

"This is just [going to be] the hardest album ever," he said of the collection set to follow his G.O.O.D. Music solo offering. "That's what we like. We like street music. We like hardcore rap. Now, if something happens to work for the masses within that — thumbs up, that's a plus. But the Clipse, we have a cult following that we know what they like, and it's all about catering to them. Anybody else, you can hop on the train. But this [album] is for Clipse fans."

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