Bristol Palin Stays, Brandy Goes: 'Dancing With The Stars' Fans React

'It's not about talent, but a popularity contest,' one MTV News commenter fumes.

With every season of "Dancing With the Stars," there are early favorites and front-runners and at least one shocking elimination. On Tuesday night, viewers got their shocker of the season (or second shock, if you're an Audrina Patridge fan) when consistent high-scorer Brandy was eliminated.

"People vote and their voices count," Brandy's partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy said after the elimination was announced. "I don't regret a second ... of being on this season. It's been an amazing journey."

"I don't know how I feel right now," Brandy said, crying.

The reactions to Brandy's departure have been coming in fast and furious since the announcement. Most commenters took issue with the fact that Brandy is gone and Bristol Palin remains in the competition.

"Brandy is so talented and she worked so hard. I was shocked she was eliminated!" Sharon wrote. "I thought the competition was really between her and Jennifer Grey. Bristol has improved but she should have been off the show weeks ago. That was painful to watch — very painful!"

"It's just a silly dance contest," John wrote. "This is a network television [show's] dream to make millions watch their shows!!! Create animosity and sparks and make people angry over the winner to get more people watching and calling. You know they're making money from all those AT&T calls ... plus the ratings are through the roof with this political angle they've cashed in on," he said, referring to the outcry that supporters of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin are keeping Bristol on the show.

"Bristol is no star and has no talent and should not have been picked for the finals over Brandy," commenter Marianne fumed. "Brandy did beautifully and got better each week. I can't believe Bristol's scores were more than Brandy's. This show is a hoax! It's not about talent, but a popularity contest. If Bristol wins, I'll never watch this show again!"

Other complaints brought up problems with the telephone voting system for Brandy's phone line. They claimed they couldn't get through until time ran out. Despite all the anti-Palin sentiments, a few folks came to her defense, however. "I can't believe how mean you people are, always picking on Bristol," Barbara wrote. "No, she is not the best dancer but she has progressed from a wall flower to being a confident young lady because of DWTS. She has become a 'good' dancer. It has taken a lot of courage to go on this show. At least 2 countries can vote and as many Democrats are eligible to vote as Republicans. How do you figure it's just the state of Alaska and Republicans voting?? It also has to do with personality and improvement. Brandy is a great dancer but she is a whiner and Maks is arrogant! Jennifer is a beautiful dancer and she has improved greatly. Give Bristol a break!!!!"

What do you think of the elimination? Will Palin get voted off next week? Share your thoughts in the comments!