Lady Gaga's Born This Way Will 'Grab All The Monsters,' Akon Says

'She is amazing when it comes to just taking things to the next level,' label boss says of Gaga's 2011 release.

Earlier this year, Akon teased that Lady Gaga was working on "crazy" new tracks for her forthcoming Born This Way album. Now, Gaga's label boss has a few more details to share about the hotly anticipated LP, due in 2011.

"Well, Gaga and her follow-up, I've definitely heard [it], and what I can really tell you about it is the fact that I'm excited — and I'm hard to excite," he laughed to MTV News about the release. "I'm really hard to excite, 'cause my big question was like, 'Wow, how are you going to outdo yourself on this one? Do you realize how big you are? Do you know how big you really are? How are you going to outdo yourself?' "

Akon has no real worries about how Gaga will top herself since she's managed to do it so many times already, sonically and visually. "She's very creative. She will always find a way, always," he said. "Honestly, I think these are just appetizers as to what's to come, because what's to come, if you haven't been following her up to this point, you're going to get completely lost. Like, she is amazing when it comes to just taking things to the next level, [and] from what I've heard so far, I think she's going to be all right."

With tracks like "Telephone," "Bad Romance" and "Paparazzi" under her belt, Akon wants her fans to know that things are about to get even more epic on this new album. While he didn't say whether the album would have any Beyoncé-like collabos, he did say "maybe" when asked if he might appear on it.

"If I was going to compare it to her previous work, I would definitely say it's a notch up," he said. "It's like she's slowly taking you on to this journey down this road. If she were to just drastically do it, she probably would have lost everybody from the first album, but once the sound was created and established, now we can use that as a tool to grab all the monsters and walk them down this graveyard. It's crazy. It's amazing."

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