'Glee' Bully 'Keeps The Mask On,' Max Adler Says

'He's definitely not ready to come out yet,' actor says of his character, who kissed Kurt last week.

For fans still reeling from last week's surprise kiss between Kurt and Karovsky on "Glee" and eager to learn more about what's going down with the conflicted character's upcoming story line, actor Max Adler told MTV News there's a rough road ahead.

"[This] week [was] a little bit more minor," Adler said of his character's arc. "The week after that, November 23, the week of Thanksgiving is a pretty big one for Karovsky. I can't tell you too much, but I can tell you that his dad gets involved. His dad is called in, played by Daniel Roebuck, [who is] a great actor, a great guy. It all comes to a head."

"It" meaning Karovsky's constant bullying and increased physical violence against Kurt — which, according to Adler, isn't going to subside anytime soon.

"He keeps the mask on. He's definitely not ready to come out yet," Adler said of his character keeping his sexuality a secret. "[The situation] gets more serious, so watch and see what happens."

Outside of the show, the actor has become involved in supporting anti-bullying campaigns and posted his own video in conjunction with the "It Gets Better" project. His video offers insight into the minds of bullies and encourages those who are being bullied to seek help, no matter what.

"You do not deserve to be bullied at all," he tells young people in the clip. "I'll tell you a little secret: Most bullies are extremely insecure and want to knock you down a peg to feel better about themselves. So being who you are is what's awesome. It's what makes you special, interesting, fun to talk to, desirable."

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