Mitchel Musso Gets Real On New Album, Brainstorm

'Hannah Montana' actor tells MTV News he shot videos for entire eight-song set 'to make it different.'

[artist id="3005585"]Mitchel Musso[/artist] made a name for himself as one of the stars of "Hannah Montana," alongside another star you may have heard of, Miley Cyrus. But Musso wants his fans to know he's much more than Cyrus' small-screen sidekick. He also has a burgeoning music career and his sophomore album, Brainstorm, drops next Monday.

For the album, Musso worked with brother and Metro Station frontman Mason Musso, whom he described as the perfect person to collaborate with because they mesh so well.

"Mason could teach me all day. He could teach me all day on anything and everything, but I don't care. I look up to him and he's my older brother," he said. "I love him to death. He's my best friend and we'll forever make music together and when we get into the studio we have the same mindset, which I think makes good music."

The album is Mitchel's passion project: He made a music video for each of the eight songs on the album, which he said should help to convey a story line.

"Honestly, I just wanted to make it different. And I figured trying to tell this fluid story and making a music video for every single song [would achieve that]; just so the message would be portrayed," he told MTV News about Brainstorm, which follows the arc of a relationship.

"Overall, I felt it told a pretty fluid story and that's the way that we wrote it," he continued. "I don't think I could use [the word] 'original' enough. These music videos are very under-toned. I didn't go in there with putting $3 million into each of these music videos. So what I did was got as real as I could. ... It's more about creating this baby and making it this big deal. So we shot eight music videos in three and a half days. It was wild. [The videos are] intimate and quiet."

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