The Situation, Bristol Palin Team Up For Teen Pregnancy PSA

'Dancing With the Stars' castmates appear in Candie's Foundation clip urging teens to 'pause before you play.'

Season 11 "Dancing With the Stars" contestants the Situation and Bristol Palin have paired up for a public service announcement about teen pregnancy. In the Candie's Foundation PSA, Palin and the [url id="/shows/jersey_shore/season_2/series.jhtml"]"Jersey Shore"[/url] star discuss the importance of safe sex.

The PSA opens with the Sitch initially hitting on Bristol (a "teen ambassador" for the foundation) before realizing it's his "DWTS" co-star; the duo then get into a discussion about "situations."

"I know you're all about that abstinence thing, but come on, B-Palin, are you serious? You're not gonna hook up before you're married? For real?" he asks in the PSA.

"For real," she insists before kicking off a discussion about staying safe when having sex. Palin later adds, "Well, I'm glad we agree on one thing: Pause before you play."

"Pause before you play," he agrees. "That's probably the most important thing."

In an interview about the campaign, Palin, who has a son, Tripp, with ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston, opened up about working with Candie's.

"I've been working with the Candie's Foundation for almost two years now," she said. "I'm a teen mom, so this was an issue that's near and dear to my heart. We're coming together today to open up dialogue about teen pregnancy."

The "Jersey Shore" star explained that his friendship with Palin prompted his decision to make the PSA with her.

"Me and BP here are kind of tight and I heard about the cause and I was like, you know, even though I do get into 'situations' here and there, I just want to let everyone know you do have to stay protected. ... At the end of the day, if a situation' does arise I do stay protected."

What do you think of Bristol and the Situation teaming up for a teen pregnancy PSA? Tell us in the comments!

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