Bruno Mars Drags A Piano In 'Grenade' Video Sneak Peek

Clip premieres Friday on MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Hits, and

[artist id="3528710"]Bruno Mars'[/artist] new video for "Grenade" doesn't premiere until Friday, but you can catch a sneak peek of the clip right now — and from the looks of things, it's gonna be a pretty heavy affair.

"The concept of the video is my struggle, to tell this girl I'd do anything for her," Mars said in a behind-the-scenes video posted Monday, "So I'm going as far as dragging a piano to get to her just so I can sing my heart out."

He's not kidding, either. In the video, Mars pulls an upright piano through the streets of Los Angeles, stopping traffic, drawing the ire of gangbangers and very nearly getting devoured by a pit bull. He does it all while ducking real-life paparazzi and wearing a suit too, just to impress the girl of his dreams (who is not, it should be noted, the titular grenade, because that would be a little too "Jersey Shore"). And, yes, it's all hard work.

"I shoulda been dragging a harmonica across town," Mars laughed.

The "Grenade" video premieres Friday on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and MTV Hits, and online at and You should probably watch; after all, Mars basically killed himself making the thing.

"A lot of people think this is a camera trick, but that is a heavy piano," he laughed. "Luckily, I've been doing about, you know, 800 to 967 push-ups every day, so it's not a big deal, I can handle it. Been workin' on my bi's, my tri's, my clies and my thighs, that's just what it is."

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