Wiz Khalifa Recruits Snoop Dogg, Curren$y For Debut Album

Waken Baken MC tells MTV News he expects spring 2011 release.

Wiz Khalifa's debut LP is easily one of the most-anticipated albums of 2011. The Pittsburgh MC has built an impressive following, allowing him to sell out shows nationwide on his Waken Baken Tour and crash the Internet whether he's dropping a mixtape or getting arrested. Wiz told MTV News his album is crazy, and promised fans he hasn't forgotten what made him successful.

"I've been working on it every day since I've signed with Atlantic," Wiz said. "The main feel of the album is still homegrown. I'm keeping it organic.

"I've got to stick to what I know, what I've been doing. My main producers have been doing the bulk of the album, and it's majority done. We're just doing the big songs now, putting some of the features together, but really it's more personal. You get to see me and feel me more as a person, but it's still that same edgy, that same rawness that people dig."

Wiz said Curren$y and Snoop Dogg are slated to appear on his still-untitled LP, which he expects to be released in spring 2011. He said that when he played the record for people in L.A., he received a positive reception.

"Every song, they were like, 'Man, This is going to the radio. You could go to the radio with that,' " Wiz recalled. "So they are good songs, but they are also songs that are going to be accepted widely."

Wiz said two songs he's excited about are "Rooftop" and "The Race." He said "Rooftop," which was recorded in L.A., looks back at where he came from and where he is now. "The Race" was recorded back home in Pittsburgh and has his trademark cool vibe.

"The song 'The Race' is just a 'swag' song, like an attitude, 'doing what we do'-type thing," he said.

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